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Back for 2017!

We are getting closer to our start date, but wanted to let you know how our cleaning process works.

Our trash & recycle bin cleaning units are fully self-contained. Before mounting the bins into the cleaning hopper, each bin is inspected to ensure all trash debris is removed from the bins and placed in a separate trash container. This debris is bagged and placed in a trash container that is disposed of properly by a local trash hauler.

Once the bins are mounted in the cleaning hopper, the bins are washed inside and out and sanitized with Eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals using hot water at a temperature of 190 degrees, which kills 99.9% of the bacteria found inside each bin.

Our bin hopper has a catch tray filtration screen that will catch any debris that may have been missed during the inspection process. So in essence, the water that goes into the holding tank is considered “grey water”. Most counties allow this “grey water” to be dumped at a local water treatment facility or areas that have a sanitary drain, such as truck stops or car washes.

Rest assured that the “grey water” will not contain any food particles or garbage that may have been left in the bins prior to the cleaning process.

We take great pride in our bin cleaners and our number one priority is to ensure no contamination to the city’s water supply and aquifer system.