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Welcome To Remarkably Clean Bins

Trash cans contain dangerous viruses, germs, and bacteria that can make you and your family sick

The typical garbage bin has over 400 bacteria per square inch and the rate of bacteria growth can double every 20 minutes

Keep your family safe - get your trash cans cleaned today!

Benefits Of Our Professional Bin Cleanings

The Promise to Our

Remarkably Clean Bins has over 6 years of happy customers and the dedication to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Sanitizes and Disinfects Your Bins

Remarkably Clean Bins protects your family against viruses and bad bacteria growing in and around your bins.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning that is Unbeatable

Our cleaning process and environmentally friendly products provide you with a cleaner, healthier garage, home and neighborhood

Our Pricing

For less than $25 a month you can have bacteria free, fresh smelling trash and recycling bins.

Prepaid Every Other Month

$144.99/1 Bin
$169.99/2 Bins

Prepaid 6 Month Plan

$115.99/1 Bin
$149.99/2 Bins

Prepaid 9 Month Plan

$159.99/1 Bin
$199.99/2 Bins

One-Time Cleaning

$40/1 Bin
$80/2 Bins

Trash Cans Smelling Terrible?

We know what it’s like to walk in the garage and smell the terrible aroma of rotting garbage. It’s a huge problem but it also takes so much time to clean them yourself, plus it’s gross!

... It's Time for Clean Bins

Cleaning your own trash cans and recycling bins allow harmful bacteria to flow straight into storm drains, contaminating all bodies of water that it enters. Not only is this terrible for our waterways but in Virginia, it’s also illegal.

Cleaning bins yourself also consumes more than 15 times greater water when done manually rather than using our professional high pressure hot water system.

Let our Professionals Clean them!

Our Services To Choose

Residential Services

We come right to you! Cleaning out your smelly, dirty, even gross garbage or recycling bins. Our environmentally friendly wash will remove all the dirt, grime and germs from your bins, without it going into our waterways.

HOA Services

We come right to you! Special deals and promotions available for HOA's. Reach out to us for more information

What Our Clients Say

Based on 57 reviews
Samantha Alb
Samantha Alb
Did not know this type of service even existed but glad I found them. A neighbor recently posted about them in our local FB group. We live in a townhouse and store our bins in the garage. Remarkably Clean Bins was very professional and responsive with all emails sent. Our bins looked brand new after they were serviced. Will use them again and recommend to others.
Saad Shah
Saad Shah
Worth every penny!
Peter Prinz
Peter Prinz
Booked my appointment online after reviewing the services. Had my trash bin and recycling bin sanitized for the first time. Very happy with the results and will definitely order the service again!
Susan Ring
Susan Ring
Lisa Lloyd
Lisa Lloyd
All good things must come to a seasonal end. I miss my clean bin, Spring can’t come quick enough. I absolutely love the staff at Remarkably Clean! Always friendly, even when my trash bins aren't so tidy. They do an amazing job cleaning and sanitizing the bins. Taking out the trash is a chore however when your bins are clean and smelling fabulous, it a pleasant chore. Thank you
Grant Svenson
Grant Svenson
Started using this service about a year ago. Didn’t think I needed it at first but it has made a huge difference in the smell of my garage and cleanliness of the house. They are always very friendly and always on time. Definitely recommend them.
Merna Frye
Merna Frye
Love this company. The service they provide is impeccable. The people are the friendliest. My bins always smell clean which makes my garage smell good. If you haven't signed up with them, please do it. You won't regret it.
Jaime Jusino
Jaime Jusino
This Review is long overdue. RCB was one of the best investments I've made. I really didn't think I needed a service like this but once I did I wasn't afraid to leave my trash bins in my garage anymore. The smell would get so bad sometimes we had to leave it open. NOT ANYMORE! This is a great service from a great won't be disappointed!
Adriana Dentone
Adriana Dentone
I almost want to take a bath inside my bins after they were cleaned out! These guys are amazing - they communicate all the way through, are on time and do a GREAT job. Highly recommend them.
Russ Adamchak
Russ Adamchak
Great job. The bins are "remarkably clean"! Very efficient crew - win and out quickly. We'll bring them back.

Our Story

The story of Remarkably Clean bins is one of neighborly ingenuity to solve problems.

The Triggs and The Olds had been friends for a few years as they met during their sons basketball season. During one of their lunch outings Lynne mentioned a service that is sorely needed in the Northern Virginia area – a trash and recycle bin cleaning service. She related that in Scotland and in the United Kingdom it’s a weekly service, but for some reason has not caught on in the U.S. yet.